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Last Name First

Poems by Thien-Bao Phi chapbook designed by Douglas Kearney with artwork by Chamindika Wanduragala

The Way We Pay

Poetry by Thien-Bao Phi limited edition of 50 chapbook designed by Douglas Kearney with artwork by Sylvia Quan La Includes: FOBulous Giving My Neighbor a Ride to Her Job Race Musings on How I Regard Asian American Literature Riot Bread and Glass Miss Saigon Every Day People No Offense Mass Transit For Colored Boys in Danger of Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome and All the Rest For Whom Considering Suicide


In reference to the derogatory term FOB (Fresh Off the Boat). Fresh Off the boat, FOBulous, Follower Of Buddha, FOBtastic got Fumbling Ofay Boys fiending for the Fruit of Our Basket forget about it they Finished, Obsolete, Bankrupt Fucking Old Bastards and they sons too Founded Oppressive Baccalaureates in Fucking Over Browns a Fetish Only for yellow Bedfellows Frequent Oriental Brothels because they believed that the Fugitives On Board knew


Written and performed by Bao Phi Recorded and mixed by Larry Lucio, Jr. Artwork by Chamindika Wanduragala. Currently only available for digital download. Refugeography Disc 1 by Bao Phi TRACKLISTING You Bring Out… (inspired by Sandra Cisneros, “You Bring Out the Mexican In Me”) Intro (written and performed by Theresa Vu of Magnetic North) Today (ft. vocals by Emily Chang and Seng Chen on bass) Reverse Racism For Colored Boys

Surviving the Translation (chapbook)

Collected Poems from 1993 – 2002 chapbook designed by Douglas Kearney with artwork by Phloe Includes: Space Dear Senator McCain Poetry Never Leads to Love Surviving the Translation Light Bright Lady Reverse Racist Called Missed Sigh Gone What’s an Asian Man? You Bring Out the Vietnamese in Me Dandelions Birthday Yellowbrown Babies for the Revolution For Us

Yellowbrown Babies for the Revolution

I wrote this poem thinking about Asian Americans and love… specifically, loving one another. Yes, romantically, but also in terms of friendships and family. The first stanza, wherein I tell y’all what this poem is NOT about, came into being when I realized a lot of haters would accuse me of certain things if I pushed for an Asian love agenda. I wanted to make sure that the way I

Flares (abridged version)

Written and performed by Bao Phi, recorded by Toby Folwick Currently only available for digital download. Flares (abridged version) by Bao Phi TRACKLISTING Where Is Our Blues? Two Tongues (ft. Truth Maze) – dedicated to I Was Born With Two Tongues Sunflowers Surviving the Translation Light (ft. David Kaminsky) The Baker Birthday (ft. Jen Weir) First Kiss Calling What’s an Asian Man I Travel (ft. Jen Weir, Ed Bok Lee, Su-Yoon Ko, Nicole Erickson,