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Angry Poetry Corner

Angry Asian Man published one of my poems, 8 (9), about murdered Hmong teenager Fong Lee. Thanks a million to Angry Asian Man and Cara Van Le for providing this space, I hope it raises some awareness of his life and the injustice he and his family suffer. Thanks also to the Fong Lee family for the permission to (re)print this poem online. Poem here. Peace and be safe.

No Question: Animated Short by Ash Hsie

Hello friends, Ash Hsie did an incredible animated short to go with audio of one of my new poems for the newest AALR. Angry Asian Man also posted it today. Check it. Also, big ups to Antonio Rosario for the audio recording.

Song I Sing

Now Available → Designed, published and available for purchase via Coffee House Press. A rhapsodic exploration of immigration, race, and class by Vietnamese American phenom and National Poetry Slam star Bao Phi. Dynamic and eye-opening, this debut by a National Poetry Slam finalist critiques an America sleepwalking through its days and explores the contradictions of race and class in America. Excerpt From “Prince Among Men” When it feels like no

The Godzilla Sestina

A sestina is an Italian poetic form consisting of six stanzas with six lines each plus a three line envoi at the end. The last word of each sentence, the teleutons, are repeated in a specific order, and the envoi contains all six teleutons in a specific order. The format is abcdef, faebdc, cfdabe, ecbfad, deacfb, bdfeca, envoi: be dc fa. In other words, sestinas are a pain in the

You Bring Out the Vietnamese in Me

The Crossroads of Convenience Stores

by Douglas Kearney and Bao Phi (listen and download here) DK BOTH BP We meet at the crossroads of convenience stores in a galaxy of bulletproof glass, chanting a battle hymn of broken English. We remix dynamite and bullwhips. Pull sips from tears in the crow’s feet scratching black eyes. I said: we remix dynamite and bullwhips into poetry tattooed on bamboo splinters and the walls of Angel Island. Tattooed

Changeling: Cutty Nguyen

with thanks to Christopher Chinn Cutty as in crazy gook bitch will cut you, cracking gum in the shadows of hi-rise ghetto-in-the-sky before newspapers were spread on shag carpet for that evening’s curry dinner in the dark are her fingernails shiny enough to be mistaken for blades? Cutty as in Cutie, China Doll taking up too much space at the Oriental Food market stacking boxes of inter-ethnic ramen stealing cans

No Question

to the white girl who saw a bunch of us little Southeast Asian kids watch her brother play a video game in the Asian grocery and said “these gooks are surrounding us.”  Did we douse you in chemicals that twisted your future generations to flesh pretzels stripmine your resources then fusion fuck your family dinner Did we light garlands of fire onto your sacred mountains, push your people to tiny


In memory of Fong Lee And for the Lee family, and the Justice for Fong Lee committee In 2006, Minneapolis Police Officer Jason Andersen shot and killed Fong Lee, a 19-year old Hmong American.  Andersen was awarded a Medal of Valor, though the Lee family and community members allege that Fong Lee was unarmed and the gun found on the scene was planted by police.  During a foot chase in

The Nguyens EP

Written and performed by Bao Phi, recorded by Rush Merchant III Currently only available for digital download. The Nguyễns EP by Bao Phi TRACKLISTING The Nguyễns LAMB Vu’s revenge Quincy in the promised land Katrina Joan and Jesus Unity Thuy and Vinh