In reference to the derogatory term FOB (Fresh Off the Boat).

Fresh Off the boat,
FOBulous, Follower Of Buddha, FOBtastic

got Fumbling Ofay Boys fiending for the Fruit of Our Basket
forget about it

they Finished, Obsolete, Bankrupt
Fucking Old Bastards
and they sons too
Founded Oppressive Baccalaureates
in Fucking Over Browns

a Fetish Only for yellow Bedfellows
Frequent Oriental Brothels
because they believed that the Fugitives On Board
knew ancient Chinese secrets to Fantastic Orgasm Benefits

while us Funny Oriental Boys
felt like Fucked Overlooked Bachelors
Footbinding Outmoded Barbarians
Burying Our Feelings as
Frigid Oppositional Bookworms

And some of us play that role
Favoring the Ongoing Bandwagon
and fiending for the flavor of the Fever for the Offcolor Bamboo
Followers of the Bootstrap
Fold Origami Bridges across the Bering
Friends of the Bourgeois
who like to Fuck Opaque Bigots
Feigning One-dimensional Boyfriends
Fools Overestimate Benevolence
or is it they just want to Falsify Our Blood
to Finagle an Obsequious Bestseller?

Plans of Fools Often Backfire
cuz Fools Often Oscillate
Fascists Often Bungle

Fate Often Boomerangs

and our Farce an Opportunity to Buck
the Fatcats’ Onerous Blubber
My people
let’s Fight the Osmosis of Boundaries
Find Outspoken Bombshells

My people
we are a nation
of Fat Overweight B-boys and B-girls,
Failed Olympic boxers
and Fresh Overlooked Bindlestiffs
carrying armloads of Fragrant Orchid Bouquets
gay or straight
Femme Or Butch
our Families Often Barbeque
and we sip Fizzy Orange Beverages
while screaming Finally! Our Bulgogi!

We Formulate our Overdue Brisance
and Forecast Our Brotherhood and Sisterhood
and Broadcast on Our Feet,
on FOB Operated Bicycles
and Filipinos on Buses

Get the word out
Forsaking Our Blessings
has been greatly exaggerated
My people
Forget Our Beauty.