Flares (abridged version)

flares (cd cover)
Written and performed by Bao Phi, recorded by Toby Folwick
Currently only available for digital download.


  1. Where Is Our Blues?
  2. Two Tongues (ft. Truth Maze) – dedicated to I Was Born With Two Tongues
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Surviving the Translation
  5. Light (ft. David Kaminsky)
  6. The Baker
  7. Birthday (ft. Jen Weir)
  8. First Kiss
  9. Calling
  10. What’s an Asian Man
  11. I Travel (ft. Jen Weir, Ed Bok Lee, Su-Yoon Ko, Nicole Erickson, and Andy Kim)
  12. What If I Told You (ft. José James and Jeff Bailey)
  13. Shoyu (ft. Jen Weir)
  14. Why I Dance
  15. Why2K