Refugeography (cover)
Written and performed by Bao Phi
Recorded and mixed by Larry Lucio, Jr.
Artwork by Chamindika Wanduragala.

Currently only available for digital download.


  1. You Bring Out… (inspired by Sandra Cisneros, “You Bring Out the Mexican In Me”)
  2. Intro (written and performed by Theresa Vu of Magnetic North)
  3. Today (ft. vocals by Emily Chang and Seng Chen on bass)
  4. Reverse Racism
  5. For Colored Boys (ft. Juliana Hu Pegues)
  6. WWOK
  7. Crossroads of Convenience Stores (ft. Douglas Kearney)
  8. Brother (ft. Denizen Kane)
  9. Missed Sigh Gone
  10. Asian Men – On a Roll!
  11. Where You At? (ft. Emily Chang)
  12. Yellowbrown Babies for the Revolution (ft. Denizen Kane on guitar and Seng Chen on bass)