Ed Bok Lee

Ed Bok Lee x Bao Phi: Book Launch

If you see Bao Phi coming, you better do a gut check, and set your motherboard to receive. Anyone who has been lucky enough to experience his work knows he means to re-adjust our minds, unseat our comfortable assumptions, and teach our hearts to weep and sing. He is our grief-stricken brother howling, moaning, and wailing in remembrance of those who suffer because of inadequate representation.  He is our ecstatic shaman,

Flares (abridged version)

Written and performed by Bao Phi, recorded by Toby Folwick Currently only available for digital download. Flares (abridged version) by Bao Phi TRACKLISTING Where Is Our Blues? Two Tongues (ft. Truth Maze) – dedicated to I Was Born With Two Tongues Sunflowers Surviving the Translation Light (ft. David Kaminsky) The Baker Birthday (ft. Jen Weir) First Kiss Calling What’s an Asian Man I Travel (ft. Jen Weir, Ed Bok Lee, Su-Yoon Ko, Nicole Erickson,