Celebrating Courage

via the [ Star Tribune ]

There is a lot to read, and worry about, in local and world news.
Today I want to celebrate courage. Real courage. The story of the Fukushima 50 humbles me. I wish them the best. I wish them luck. I cannot imagine what it is like to be in their situation.

I also want to give props to Rep. Mike Honda, who recently made a bold stand and statement against the hearings against Islam led by Peter King, drawing parallels to what happened during to Japanese Americans during World War 2. It would have been easier to just “go with the flow” or stay silent, especially as a politician. It is brave to make a stand, especially one that can make you unpopular with the status quo. Thank you for inspiring us, Mr. Honda. (Thanks also to Angry Asian Man for posting this, keep up the great work brother!)

Last but certainly not least, a student by the name of Alexandra Wallace recently put up a Youtube of herself delivering a racist, ignorant screed against Asians and Asian Americans. Sadly, some of the responses, though perhaps justified in their anger, can be seen as counter-productive, sexist, and ignorant. However, my buddy and all-around awesome performance artist Beau Sia responded with his own video, a persona poem that digs deeper into the root problems. Bravo Beau!