Dwight Hobbes

City kids have a hard, often despairing way to go: Thien-bao Phi delivers a lyrical testament to how they do it and still find magic in their world. – Dwight Hobbes, Pulse

Graydon Royce

Phi packs his rap with clear images and emotion, painting his city through your mind with a palette of words that tumble effortlessly out of his mouth – close to the street, breathing with the anxious verve of kids surviving the alley and tender with love stolen in an abandoned store. – Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

Jeremy Swanson

Phi smoothly combines familiar rhyme with subtle, insightful metaphors. -Jeremy Swanson, CD Review of “Flares”, City Pages

Rohan Preston

Bao Phi delivers work that has the urgency of fire. -Rohan Preston, Star Tribune, Free Time Section

Eliza Hoyt

At 24 years old he is nationally recognized for his turbulent, thought provoking poetry on stage. – Eliza Hoyt, Asian American Press

Kristin Tillotson

Poets aren’t generally known for their infectious charm… but Bao Phi isn’t just any poet…Phi’s tone can shift easily from serious to humorous, although many of his funny lines are delivered with bite. – Kristin Tillotson, Star Tribune, Variety Cover Story