Angry Poetry Corner

Angry Asian Man published one of my poems, 8 (9), about murdered Hmong teenager Fong Lee. Thanks a million to Angry Asian Man and Cara Van Le for providing this space, I hope it raises some awareness of his life and the injustice he and his family suffer. Thanks also to the Fong Lee family for the permission to (re)print this poem online. Poem here. Peace and be safe.

You Bring Out the Vietnamese in Me

Published in: Saint Paul Almanac Edited by Kimberly Nightengale Arcata Press, 2006


Published in: Best American Poetry 2006 Edited by Billy Collins Scribner, 2006 Michigan Quarterly Review: Viet Nam: Beyond the Frame Edited by Rebekah Linh Collins University of Michigan, Winter 2005

Yellowbrown Babies for the Revolution

Published in: Hop Luu Literary Journal: The Generation After the War Edited by Nguyen-Vo Thu-huong Volume 69: 1, 2004


Published in: XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics Edited by Mark Nowak College of St. Catherine, No.12, 2003

For Us

Published in: Amerasia Journal: Diaspora & Dimensions Edited by Professor Linda Vo UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press, Volume 29 No.1, 2003

Reverse Racism

Published in: Screaming Monkeys: Critiques of Asian American Images Edited by M. Evelina Galang Coffee House Press, 2003

Surviving the Translation

Published in: Drumvoices Review: Words from 15 Cities: Poetic Voices of Contemporary Urban Cultures SUIE and EBR Writers Club, 2002 Legacy to Liberation: Writings from Revolutionary Asian America Edited by Fred Ho Big Red Media, 2000

Knick Knacks

Published in: Body of Stories Journal of the Asian American Renaissance Volume 5, 2001

Ode to Dwight Okita

Published in: Asian Pacific American Journal Asian American Writer’s Workshop Volume 9, No. 2, 2001